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Why is erotic romance fiction so shit?

Erotic fucktion: why is it all so shit?

Be prepared for everything you’re about to read to sound filthy.  It’s hard not to do that with this subject – see what I mean? Also, I will go out of my way to sound filthy, I think this post cries out (in ecstasy) for it but please, viewer discretion is advised.  Saucy novels are often shit to read. I…

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Sordid, weird dreams I have

I don’t want to make my dreams a reality.

Fer realz. When people say to me (and I mean hundreds of people say this to me) “My dreams are so weird, like, the weirdest” I’m thinking, woah, hang on, stop there love and hold my beer. Let me tell you, a hundred people… Your dreams will never match up to my nightly visions in weirdness. It is…

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God made tits super-duper sexy.

What? Can I get some goddam context over here?! Stay with me, it’s coming. Social media really does spew up some interesting viewpoints. Confession: I like to hang out on LinkedIn. (don’t judge me.) My excuse is it’s pretty rad for B2B folks like me – selling my wares. I let it slide that’s it’s glitchy as fuck…

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Make white men comfortable

If you want change, make white men comfortable.

Yeah, it’s a facetious title. But this is, at least, my interpretation of the narrative from some white men surrounding gender, race, LGBTQ+, and disability. My further interpretation is that these white men (I know, #NotAllWhiteMen) could be allies if only the world listened to them more. Somehow the inability to hear them is the very reason they can’t support…

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Why do 70s pop stars look like nonces?

Why did 70s pop stars look like nonces?

Unfortunately, a handful of pop stars of that era were, in reality, nonces. You can type the search query – 70s pop paedos into Google and you’ll see the likes of Gary Glitter, Jonathan King, and Rolf Harris. But this post isn’t about real sex offenders (well, not directly) it’s about looking like one. You might be wondering how anyone can look…

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