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Going gay for Gillian.

“Sarah, sexuality is fluid, yeah.” Not for me it isn’t. I enthusiastically applaud others who don’t subscribe to a binary choice but I’m straight—no seriously—I’m straight as they come.

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Erotic fucktion: why is it all so shit?

Be prepared for everything you’re about to read to sound filthy. It’s hard not to do that with this subject—see what I mean? Also, I will go out of my way to sound filthy, I think this post cries out (in ecstasy) for it but please, viewer discretion is advised.  Saucy novels are often shit to read. I personally have yet…

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I don’t want to make my dreams a reality.

When people say to me (and I mean hundreds of people say this to me) “My dreams are so weird, like, the weirdest” I’m thinking, woah, hang on, stop there, love and hold my beer. Let me tell you, hundreds of people… Your dreams will never match up to my nightly visions of weirdness. It is an impossibility.…

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