You can’t say anything nowadays.

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I feel like I’m constantly walking on eggshells.

I dare not talk about subjects I feel entitled to talk about. That’s what free speech is, the freedom to talk about whatever we like. We’re supposed to live in a liberal society and yet if you say the wrong thing you’ll experience the fury of the “woke generation”.

The PC brigade will take you to task and make you out to be some knuckle-dragging bigot.

I yearn for simpler times.

Times when we only had two sexes. When men were men, and women didn’t moan all the time. Halcyon days when you could literally call a spade a spade. 

It’s so confusing now. 

I’m not sure how to function in a society where I have to watch my every word and action. I remember (not too long ago) when it was the birthright of every tradesman to shout across the street to an unsuspecting woman about how lovely her breasts were. It’s a compliment!

Men are too scared to do anything to a woman now.

It’s no longer acceptable to ruthlessly pursue them, in spite of their objections. And goosing them at bars is practically a hanging offence.

I feel for them, I truly do.

You really can’t say, or do anything nowadays.

What has the world come to when a man can no longer forcibly grab another man’s testicles in the communal shower after footie practice? That’s now considered sexual assault – and most men that do that aren’t even gay.

And talking about gays, I can honestly say, hand-on-heart that I’m not homophobic. 

I’m not fearful of them, that’s just silly. Why would I be scared of a man that probably flounces about decorating houses or cutting hair for a living? I will admit that lesbians seem a bit scary. And I’m not always sure if they are actual women.

I’m a very tolerant person.

I don’t mind that homosexuals want to do, whatever it is they do together, together, but I just wish it wasn’t rammed down my throat all the time.

I was watching TV last week and there was an advert showing two men living together. And both men were ethnic. That’s just not real life, is it? Ads like that are only representing a very small percentage of the population and all it’s doing is alienating most of the audience.

As a licence fee payer, I feel personally affronted.

It is possible that they weren’t having a sexual relationship but I’m sick and tired of the gay agenda being promoted on our screens. 

I have nothing sneering to say about people who fight against injustice.

I think it’s commendable that marginalised groups seek a better life for themselves but I wish they would do it in a more civilised manner. When a so-called peaceful protest descends into a riot, I just think, you’ve lost your argument there. 

I have the same reaction when someone uses bad language. There’s no need for it, it only makes you sound common (especially in a woman) and it’s very telling what kind of a person you are.

If minorities don’t think they’re getting a fair deal, why not write a respectful, yet strongly worded email to their local MP? If they really want change, a consistent approach is key.

I know that from experience.

My bins weren’t being collected on the day they should’ve been (Tuesdays) and some weeks they were missed altogether. I wrote around 37 letters to my council and sure enough, they remedied the problem.

It’s also worth trying your local Citizens Advice Bureau. They’re very good with sensitive matters and so professional. My neighbour, Jean, had a very nasty divorce and she was having problems with her ex-husband, Malcolm. They gave her some sterling advice and put her in contact with a very reasonably priced solicitor. 

Why do people keep bringing this stuff up? 

It really has made for some difficult dinner party conversations.

I want to enjoy the company of like-minded people and quaff some decent wine – not have to negotiate my way around the issues of why black women are more likely to die in childbirth than white women. It’s so inappropriate.

Having basic human rights is overrated. 

With those rights come great responsibility.

I’d gladly go back to those innocent days when women and brown people were nothing more than chattel. Voting is a complete waste of time so why anyone would want to throw themselves under a horse to get it, is beyond me. 

Be more grateful.

Think about all the things you do have.

Why focus on the negative? Most of us have a nice car, live in a pleasant area and have access to the NHS. Some work pensions usually offer plans with BUPA, so you can also enjoy the luxury of private healthcare.

So, I’d like to ask those people, what are you really fighting for?

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