Are you feeling uncomfortable enough yet?

How does the following statement make you feel:

“Get out of your comfort zone and start to grow!”

I’ll be honest, I feel a little bummed by it.

I understand what many a mindset coach means by those words (and no offence if you are a mindset coach) but I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea of putting myself in unpleasant situations just to reach my next life and/or business goal.

I guess I’m out of my comfort zone, being uncomfortable with being out of my comfort zone

I love feeling comfy.

Introverts by nature like to retreat into their womb-like space, read trash fiction, eat trash food, and not bother to wash. 

I barely went outside before the pandemic so, in truth, my life hasn’t really changed all that much. But then I go and do shit like sing, and put stupid videos on social media, what can I say, I’m a walking-talking contradiction.

Do you relate to any of this?

I can’t be the only one that refuses to network in person. Surely there are others that would rather throw hot sauce in their eyes than meet new people

Please, for the love of Moses’s beard (his actual beard, not his pretend wife) tell me I’m not the only one?!

I know the outcomes of getting uncomfortable, are allegedly positive.

You hear nothing but good things about those brave people who’ve moved out of their safe spaces. Courageous folks doing stuff that would usually scare the living shit out of them:

“Public speaking was a revelation, it changed my f**king life!”

Yeah, I mean that is a thing. But what about the people who suffered PTSD trying to overcome a fear of heights (or worse, died). I don’t have names but this, no doubt (probably) happened.

I do everything in life to feel comfortable.

And I’m the same in my business.

My process and the type of people I like to work with are things I’ve specifically engineered to make my day enjoyable. 

I’m not going to bullshit you. Not every waking moment of my business life is enjoyable. Sometimes I actually have to do client work.

I was uncomfortable for years being an employee.

I found myself in situations that were hard to reconcile with my personality. As unlikely as this sounds, people found me a bit weird, and way too confident for a lowly admin minion. The truth is I was f**king wasted in those roles, and I mean I was blind drunk, which was the only way to endure taking the minutes of another middle-management meeting. Years of feeling this way probably pushed me into doing what I do now.

And if being uncomfortable at work was the catalyst, my entire argument has fallen on its arse.

If you want to get uncomfortable now and again, knock yourself out (not literally, although that would really be uncomfortable) but make sure there’s a clear reason for doing it, otherwise, I might argue that you like the feeling of being uncomfortable brings. If so, you’ve likely missed the point, and are in reality, a masochist. There’s nothing wrong with that, by the way. You’ll find no judgement from me about your life choices.

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